There is simply too much to be thankful for! I have been rebuked and encouraged lately by God’s goodness to me and my need to be completely dependent on him. He has been teaching me how the gifts he has graciously given are completely from him and that I have been gifted in the exact measure that he specified before time for my life. How good is he! So, why do I desire different gifts or ‘better’ gifts? Why can I not find contentment in what I have been given? My identity needs to be sourced in Jesus and the wondrous work he performed in my behalf on the cross. When I lose sight of that, I loose sight of his goodness and lose contentment in who I am. When I am already completely accepted in Him. What a good God! What a remarkable sacrifice! What an amazing gift & completely perfect place to find identity. Thank you, Jesus!

Hope you all have a very sweet day of thankfulness in the many good gifts God has given you!

Just wanted to share a couple photos. We were able to get some shots taken this year with our families! Thankful for these good gifts as well!




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  1. Fantastic family pictures!!!! Little Eli is getting so big 😉

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