A Road Trip, of course! {and the Giveaway Winner!}


Our friend (and new fb fan!) Tess asked a great question in the comments this weekend, “Where can I get cinnamon chips?”  I wish that I could answer that with the street address of your neighbor location of a chain store (like Food Lion on Bainbridge) or a specialty store (like Trader Joe’s at Hilltop) or even the local gourmet food store (like Clay Gourmet in Clay Center, KS!) . . . . Unfortunately, I am unable to find them locally (in Hampton Roads, at least), despite LOTS of searching.  (If any of our readers know of a place, let us know in the comments!) The answer is a bit more complicated.

My best source for cinnamon chips is my terrific mother!

Each fall, she buys 25 pounds of cinnamon chips for me and drives them across the country so that I can make delicious treats (like the Best Oatmeal Cookies and pumpkin cinnamon chip muffins and whole grain cinnamon nut baby biscotti and cinnamon-cappuccino-pecan scones and no-fuss coffeecake).  [In case you’re wondering, she is indeed terrific for many many reasons: long-distance grocery shopping is just one extra perk!]

Now, if you don’t have mother as terrific as mine, then I’m sorry for you.  🙂 Or maybe your mother is terrific but isn’t willing to buy 25 pounds of cinnamon chips and drive them across the country just so you can bake excessive amounts of sweets.  You can still enjoy the Best Oatmeal Cookies by mail ordering cinnamon chips from King Arthur Flour (I LOVE King Arthur Flour, by the way.  But telling you all the reasons why will have to wait until for another post . . . .) or Amazon.

Finally . . . the moment you’ve all been waiting for!  The winner of our Kirby House Cookbook giveaway (selected via random.org) is Rebecca T.!  She commented, “Thanks for a great recipe. I can’t wait to try it.”  Congratulations, Rebecca!  We’ve already emailed you personally with the news and to obtain your mailing address.

We have several exciting things to post in the coming weeks so (if you haven’t already) make sure you’re a fan on Facebook and follow our blog via email or Reader!


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  1. Cinnamon-cappuccino-pecan scones?!! I’m totally going to have to put in an order for those in the future…and I will thank your mom for the cinnamon chips the next time she visits!

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