Ramblings of a “Mama”

Well, I woke up this morning with 40 topics on my mind. Could be the result of minimal adult conversations during the day, or maybe just that I’m a girl. *wink – But, I decided to get blogging and see where it took me. Guess it’s just the week for ‘the mom in us’ to come out. Either way, it brought me back to that sweet little voice that follows me around all day, favorite word of course being “Mama”. On average, my guess is that it is said about a thousand times a day. But, that’s just an average estimate. Needless to say, listening to the carefree chatter of my almost two-year-old never gets old (until we’re on the 943rd “mama” of the day and it’s only noon!). Okay, those I live with, might correct that ‘never’ to ‘almost never . . . . sometimes . . . . often’ (just depending on the day . . . ;o) praying God would give me much more patience!). But, I do love watching him grow and learn, making up words and mastering others. We love trying to interpret things he says, and it’s rather funny. His jabberings have a way of sounding very close to real phrases and sentences that when ‘decoded’ (usually by his Uncle Travis) make us roll. He certainly has a way of bringing a room full of adults into eruptive laughter. What a ham . . . . wonder where he gets that from? Ahem, Da*cough*da. . . *wink, wink*

Speaking of, we were able to spend a whole day with “Dada” (second favorite word) yesterday. While it was void of our usual Monday Chick-fil-a lunch visit, we really had an enjoyable day together. [[ I can’t help but pause for a few and share my appreciation for my sweet hubby. I know it certainly doesn’t come out enough, but I truly do appreciate and love the man God has allowed me to borrow. ;o) He has been given much grace, most of which I believe he uses to live with a crazy, nut like me! With that grace, I pray the Lord would cultivate our love for Himself first and foremost so that we are able to pour that same love on each other. ]] So, part of yesterday’s evening activities involved a trip to the mall . . .

Have you ever taken a trip to the mall (speaking to you ladies here… men, this may be VERY normal for you!) where the only thing you were able to peruse was the tile on the floor? Sounds kind of preposterous, right? Well, this was my experience yesterday. And it is very beige . . . and boring (just in case you were wondering). So, this tile gazing really can only mean one thing (for a woman, anyway) . . . chasing a restless, on-the-go toddler. all. over. ;o) You see, the reason we were there in the first place was to revive my poor, overstuffed iPhone. I’m pretty sure our Apple tech guy would have dubbed me with the Official Crazed, Maniac Photo-a-holic award! It was really bad . . . as in after-my-storage-was-full-i-tricked-it-into-taking-more-and-more-and-more-photos bad. And don’t ask me how, because I do not recommend such activities. . . and neither does your phone or tech guy . . . or husband! I have become very fond of a free iPhone app called Instagram, which is basically a photo sharing community (so, in my defense, you could probably see a photographer going a little crazy, right?). Needless to say, this process turned into a two-hour event whereby I chased said toddler all over the mall and the hub took on the task of iPhone Revival 2012. haha. He was very kind to do so; however, at the end of the experience, I think we were both drained and very ready [number one] for some dinner (seeing as how we expected to eat around six and weren’t ready until eight! for the Jones’s that’s kind of a big deal.) and [number two] to crawl under the covers and just sleep! After this experience, I have come up with three recommendations for anyone thinking about or having recently purchased an iPhone: 1. know it’s limit, 2. utilize iCloud regularly and 3. get Instagram! It’s fun.

Well, I guess I am about done here; time to pick up my responsibilities as “Mama”. Be watching for some fun January happenings from Instagram in the next few days. ;o) Oh, and sorry for lack of photos here, you would think a post about the obsession would include some, but at this point, you all most likely understand why they are not present! . . . even though I really wanted to take a snap shot of the tile and the toddler. Now my phone is fresh and ready to snap, snap, snap! Wisely, of course. Hopefully the ramblings were follow-able. Happy Tuesday!


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