Thinking of You: A New Series

My mom epitomizes early morning discipline.  When I lived at home, her routine was like clockwork:  every day she rose early, dressed, made her bed, read the Bible and the newspaper while drinking a cup of tea–all before she made breakfast for our family and got us off to work or school!   I did not inherit her early morning vigor, and have not succeeded at implementing such admirable discipline.  I have, however, subscribed (pun intended! haha.) to her “newspaper” habit:  as she reads the paper, she frequently clips articles to share with her friends and family.  I do the same thing now, but with magazine articles and blog posts.  I am forever sharing links with people whom I think might find them interesting.  It’s kind of my nerdy way of saying “I’m thinking of you.”

So I’m new to blogging–writing a blog, that is.  But I’ve been using Google Reader (read here to find out more!) for about two years now to keep up with a wide variety of blog sources about cooking and decorating and theology and mothering and the family life of friends and family and anything that strikes my fancy at the time.  I have a self-imposed limit of following “only” 50 blogs at a time, so if I want to follow a new blog, I have to eliminate an older one.  Realistically, that is still too much to keep up with daily; right now I have 293 posts waiting for me!

So please consider this post my way of saying “I’m thinking of you.”  Each Saturday I will try to link to the most notable posts I’ve read this week.  No way to predict the content–what stands out to me each week will vary–but if it makes me stop and think, then perhaps it will be helpful to you in some way too.

One Way to Help Your Marriage Be Even Better | A Holy Experience

I’m Trying Something New | Brumblog

What My Mom Taught Me About Getting Dinner on the Table | The Happiest Mom

10 On-the-Go Healthy Snacks for Toddlers | Keeper of the Home

Hospitality and Generosity in the Luther Home | Between Two Worlds

Godliness with Contentment | Practical Theology for Women

Sharing Is Nice | Style Your Life (PaperKarma app to rid your life of junk mail!)

[Apparently, judging from these links, my mind was concentrating on my home and family this week!  Hopefully next week’s post will contain a little more variety! ;-)]


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  1. Chrisha Dilley

    Thank you for the excellent blog links. 🙂

  2. christa bohannon

    All that time spent reading blogs has prepared you well for writing one. Another lovely post and thanks for thinking of us! Having been a recipient of shared links in the past, I’m definitely looking forward to the new ones you will pass along.

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