Progressive Lawn Services

I don’t know about you, but so often we find ourselves way behind on mowing and garden care (in the Jones home). Just another one of those items on the ‘list’ that seem to take last (or never) place. While, it does give us that ‘country field’ feel (which always caters to the photog in me), it definitely is not the look we intend to go for as a whole, especially since we don’t live in the country . . . and our lawn is basically 4X4 (not exactly ‘field’ territory). All joking aside, between juggling everything from in-home care to occupational responsibilities, our lives are begging for no more! Gotta have some family time, right? Feel like us? Bogged down by yet another chore? Ready for your own family time? Here’s where Progressive Lawn Services come in.

Progressive Lawn Services is a family-owned (by Laura’s husband, Nate) landscaping business in Virginia. We have personally experienced exceptional care on our lawn and flower beds. With your preferences as their first priority, they ensure professional, reliable and affordable service. Last year, OTH was able to service them through graphic logo design. Their uniform printed tee’s & khakis, give added professional appeal (but that’s just my totally unbiased *cough cough* opinion).

Interested in top-notch residential and/or commercial landscaping?  If you reside in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, or Portsmouth, Progressive Lawn Services is your hook up. Find out more on their site, (which is also about to get a design facelift) and give Nate a call: mention this post to receive 25% off your first month of service.  He looks like a nice guy, right?

Of course, OTH needs a plug here, too! So, if your business needs a fresh look with a new logo design or web site revamp, give us a call or contact us at


About Orange Tree Hill

We specialize in photography, catering, event planning, decor, graphic and interior design. We are locally based in the Hampton Roads area and would love to be apart of your next event. Please check out our facebook page and “Like” us! If you are interested in further information or to contact us for a booking, email us at Thanks, looking forward to meeting you!

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