THIS is our Real Marriage.

We started OTH several years ago–two friends, working dead-end jobs, wishing for something different . . . the same reasons lots of entrepreneurs start businesses.  But we started OTH for another reason–a better reason, we hope!–to serve our families.  We believed that we could serve our families better by using our gifts, working out of our houses, after/while caring for our husbands and our children and our homes.    This order and prioritization was fundamental to the creation and is integral to the function of OTH!  If at any point, working (i.e., OTH “stuff”) causes difficulty or inconvenience to our husbands and children or causes neglect of our homes, then we have things out of order.

This week Redemption Church, where our husbands pastor, is hosting Revive & Plant 2012.  Both of them have tremendous responsibilities and obligations to fulfill, requiring lots of extra time.  OTH is sponsoring the conference providing photography, graphic design, and catering, requiring lots of extra time from us too.  So, our scheduled post reviewing chapter 3 of Real Marriage has been postponed.  Intentionally.  Because we are prioritizing our husbands and their needs this week before OTH.  This is our real marriage today.


About Orange Tree Hill

We specialize in photography, catering, event planning, decor, graphic and interior design. We are locally based in the Hampton Roads area and would love to be apart of your next event. Please check out our facebook page and “Like” us! If you are interested in further information or to contact us for a booking, email us at Thanks, looking forward to meeting you!

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